Shantalle’s Studio

Shantalle’s Studio offers exclusive and original hand painted textiles and pillows, as well as, hand carved home accessories and drapery hardware.  Each item we offer is an original work of art and we take great pride in the fact that we are able to maintain our promised level of quality in both our materials and artistry, no matter the size or scope of the project.

Our design orientation can be broadly described as neoclassical, floral and Oriental Chintz and we are proud of the artistic breadth, scope and quality of our various proprietary designs. There is a timeless luxury to our silks and trims, integrity in our linens and a breath taking quality to our handmade artistry that requires only a gentle innovative twist to create modern yet classical home furnishings. Our product range can appease any design taste from the very traditional and ornate neoclassical looks to the bright and colorful modern contemporary palette.

We are always looking for inspiration from our clients and we would love to implement your designs on our product lines if our designs don’t suit your needs. Because the product that we offer is the skill of our artistry itself, we can always adapt our product to any project no matter the scale, volume, style or intricacy of design, materials to be used or color palette requested. We consider every order its own artistic endeavor/project, so we welcome the opportunity to work closely with you, the client, to meet your needs to the best of our ability.

Our company is led by guidance and tutelage of our creative director. Her decades of experience in the world of fine arts, along with the skill of our artists and carvers, give us the confidence to ensure every client that every project will meet our rigorous standards of artistry and quality. We have always been, and hope to always remain, a family business that strives for three main goals: 1) pleasing and exceeding the expectations of our clients 2) enriching the world of art and interior design and 3) improving the lives of our devoutly dedicated and supremely talented artists, carvers and support staff.

We look forward to meeting you and we thank you dearly for your interest thus far. Please contact us at anytime and explore our website to see our current products and show schedule. Better yet, come visit us in person at one of the many markets we hope to continue to regularly attend. We can’t wait to meet you!


Shantalle’s Studio