Shantalle's Blog

Atlanta Jan-2013

What a wonderful market! We met so many great people, had so many great conversations and the energy was incredible. Being on the 7th floor (Temps) definitely reenergized us and got us excited for this new year. It was our first time back in the temps in many years (from our permanent showroom up on the 9th floor) and this show marked our return to Atlanta after taking the previous July market off.  We were humbled to receive so many comliments on our products and display. More than a few people told us our product was the best they've seen at market! A few people even said they missed us at the last market or noticed our move to the temps. We truly appreciate the reception and the compliments we received. We hope that everyone got home safe and had as great a market as we did! 


To all those who placed orders at the market, we truly appreciate your business. Your orders are being processed and our artists are already hard at work. To all those who gave us you card or requested more info, we are processing those requests if we haven't contacted you already.


Unfortunetly, our trip ended on a sour note with one of our handbags being stolen. We lost a wallet, a phone and some personal effects. But worst of all, we did lose some business cards we received at market. That's what hurt the most. If you were expecting further contact from us post-show and haven't received any, it's likely because of this incident. Please contact us so we can get you the info you requesteds and we could sleep a little easier knowing we did get in touch with you. 


Thanks so much Atlanta! See you soon!